A few of the group, along with our driver Antonio, arose excessively early to make their way back down to the beach to watch the sun rise and get a morning surf in before the day ahead. The morning broke over Wilmington, the beach, and the Atlantic ocean, and whilst Ludo, Greg and Lewis rode the waves, everyone else was still tucked up in their hotel beds.

Later in the morning, once everyone was awake and ready for the day, we all made our way into downtown historic Wilmington. We visited the local city hall and theatre, called Thalian Hall, to meet with a local presenter and the Executive Director, Tony. Expecting this to be a brief formal meeting to discuss our potential performance there in 2020, it unexpectedly turned into him showing us around the theatre and giving us some history of the town and the building. 20 minutes into our informative tour, we were given the opportunity to sing a few songs for Tony on the stage.

After we had left Thalian Hall, it was decided that it was time for a spot of brunch. Led by Tommy, we made our way to riverside restaurant ‘The George on the Riverwalk’. The food was delicious and everyone left the restaurant wholly satisfied. Following our meal, we took the opportunity to explore the downtown riverfront area, especially as the local ‘Azalea’ festival was going on whilst we were there. We had a slow walk along the river, and much to our delight we discovered that the people of Wilmington are obsessed with dogs. Namely, we encountered lots of puppies. Cue everyone freaking out and taking lots of photos.

We continued our explore of the town, perusing the market stalls and the street food options (which we probably would have eaten, had our bellies not been full from brunch). After a while, most of the group decided to make their way back to the hotel to do some degree work or watch some TV, but four intrepid explorers stayed in town for what was to be an eventful afternoon. Ryan, Max, Tommy and I had planned to go and visit the local serpentarium, in a bid to meet (I quote) “the world’s most deadly and dangerous snakes” and a crocodile. However, much to our horror, the serpetarium was closed on arrival due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’. Instead, we walked next door to the Museum of the Bizarre. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures inside, so we cannot share any photographs with you. However, artefacts included: shrunken heads, Nazi trophies, a lock of Alexander Hamilton’s hair, Satanistic memorabilia, electrotherapy tools and old murder weapons. Though the others found this very exciting, I was completely freaked out and only just about managed to get round without screaming. Mainly because the museum reminded me of the last episode of Black Mirror Season Four. (If you know, you know.) My freaking out was aided somewhat by the jump scares and moving statues scattered around the museum. Having made our escape, the four of us then got an Uber back to the hotel to rejoin the rest of the group.

After a quiet late afternoon spent either a) napping, b) working, c) watching TV or d) trying to not freak out at absolutely everything, the group split it two for dinner. With this process come both good and bad things; being smaller subgroups results in better service and quicker food, but it means that afterwards we all inevitably argue about who had the better meal. In this case, both sides firmly believed they had won: some opted to stay in the hotel and have gourmet sandwiches delivered, whilst others ventured out for burritos (recommended by Trevor from Liquid 5th, who recorded our EP with us – thanks Trev!). Either way, both groups were happy with their dinner, and such concluded the day.

Henry x