The group were woken from slumber early in the day in Wilmington for a long journey to Norfolk, Virginia. No one was awake earlier than Antonio, our hero of a driver, who rushed to the garage at 8am as a tyre had got a nail stuck in it and needed to be replaced. Once this had been done, we hit the road but not without much debate of who shall sit in the dreaded back seats of the bus.

The six and a half hour journey passed without much drama, plus lunch at McDonalds and various unhealthy snacks. We arrived in Norfolk with a lot of excitement, as some of the group that have been around long enough to remember STUSA16 had visited the city before and had loved it. The rest of the group were excited to stay in the nicest hotel we had stayed in yet. Neither the city nor the hotel disappointed and the group immediately took advantage of their surroundings, with half going into the city centre and the other half going for a swim at the hotel.

Before long, we had to set off for our outreach show at Harbor’s Edge retirement home. It was a shorter, more stripped back performance than we have been used to on tour, with no mics or choreo. This gave us a different experience and we had loads of fun performing. After a reception where we got the opportunity to speak to members of the audience, we returned to the hotel.

You could have been forgiven for thinking that, as we have two outreach shows tomorrow and a full show in the evening, we had an early night. However this was not the case, as we went for a late night swim to round off the night. A small group had a game of pool before journeying round the corner to a pizza restaurant that cooks huge 28 inch pizzas! Needless to say we only had a slice or two rather than a whole pizza. Except for Jacob and Alfie, who threw themselves in at the deep end.

Eventually, everybody found their way to bed to build up energy for the big day of shows that tomorrow would bring.

Ryan x